Our Mission

We provide contractors with the best product support because we understand the competitive nature of our marketplace.

Engineers & Designers

We ensure our product is applied in the best way and performs as specified.  We apply our product with both a focused and broad approach considering other equipment on a project while implementing ours.  Our process is one that never closes out or ends we stay close to the engineer throughout the project and maintain relationships with the owner’s during the life cycle of the product. 


Understanding the competitive nature of our marketplace helps us in providing products successfully to contractors in our market.

Working closely with contractors and our Factories to find a resolution to any problem they may have.  Changing design, dimensions or adding features to our product to help the contractor simplify install.  

Owner / End Users

We provide on-site visits to offer training to building owners on our equipment.  As new building engineers are hired there are needs for additional training.  We field their questions for new applications as well as retrofit and renovation.   Maintaining relationships with many Hospitals, Universities, School Districts, and property management companies to ensure they have access to replacements parts so they may keep their equipment operational over time.