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Griswold Controls, Inc Irvine, CA

  • Inventor of the automatic flow control valve.
  • Leader in hot water/chilled water control valves in commercial HVAC hydronic systems.
  • Continues to lead the industry in superior flow control by the application of pressure independent control valves.
  • BTU/Flow metering pressure independent control valves. 
  • Griswold offers an assortment of hydronic control devices to keep up with today's demands of energy efficiency.
  • Devices that will monitor the use of your energy and provide feedback to end users of performance and energy consumption.

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On-Site Visits

We provide on-site visits to offer training to building owners on our equipment.  As new building engineers are hired there are needs for additional training.  We field their questions for new applications as well as retrofit or renovation.   Maintaining relationships with many Hospitals, Universities, School Districts, and property management companies to ensure they have access to replacements parts so they may keep their equipment operational over time.